PTC Preferred Providers

The following companies have been vetted by ASLRRA to ensure they meet the association’s stringent requirements to serve as Preferred Providers in the association’s Member Discount Program and/or receive FRA grant funding to support the provision of PTC products and services to short line and regional railroads. All partners are committed to providing exceptional service and offering reduced pricing to ASLRRA members.

PTC Training Programs

         Ayers Electronic Systems (aE), founded in 2008, develops and provides world class standards-based products and services primarily in the transportation sector. We provide tools and services to facilitate information exchange and management, systems engineering, testing, and training tailored to individual projects. Our engineers design, develop, integrate, and test complex, distributed, mission critical systems. We have the skills and capabilities to specify and verify that your system’s requirements are met in complex integrated systems.  As a small business with a reputation for providing valuable and effective service, aE is well known in the supply and regulatory community with a unique range of services independent from major suppliers. 

Excess Liability Insurance

     McGriff, Seibels & Williams offers an excess liability insurance program geared to providing excess insurance coverage required to satisfy contractual requirements related to PTC equipping and implementation. Available to ASLRRA member railroads, this excess liability insurance facility is not intended to replace any existing insurance coverage a railroad may have and enables a short line to maintain its current insurer/broker relationships.

Implementation, Testing & Troubleshooting

     Global Train Services LLC’s (GTS) mission is to advance PTC operations for our clients while introducing software tools that leverage the PTC system to gain operational efficiencies for railroads. Whether your firm are looking for consultation with a PTC technology expert or is need of an extra hand to supplement your PTC staff, GTS can provide the specialized knowledge to procure, plan, implement, maintain, and meet compliance standards of any aspect of your PTC system.