PTC Preferred Providers

The following companies have been vetted by ASLRRA to ensure they meet the association’s stringent requirements to serve as Preferred Providers in the association’s Member Discount Program and/or receive FRA grant funding to support the provision of PTC products and services to short line and regional railroads. All partners are committed to providing exceptional service and offering reduced pricing to ASLRRA members.

CI-BOS Hosted Services

A back-office server storing and transmitting as required all information related to the rail network and trains operating across it (e.g., speed restrictions, movement authorities, train compositions, etc.).

   WabtecCloud is a Multi-Tenant Back Office (MTBO) hosting solution that offers complete PTC back office functionality with a streamlined design, allowing cost effective and efficient operations for short line tenant railroads, including those railroads with multiple Standard Carrier Accounting Codes (SCACs).

Herzog PTC Hosting allows railroads to offload complicated PTC responsibilities in order to focus on daily operations. State-of-the-art data centers, 24/7/365 support, and 99.99% availability combined with centralized hardware and personnel make Herzog PTC Hosting secure, reliable, and efficient.

Safety Plan Templates

   Collins Aerospace (Collins) is easing the burden for PTC tenant railroads to obtain permission to operate over their host railroads’ PTC territories.  Collins is assisting ASLRRA member railroads through the development of a set of helpful Safety Plan Template documents that provide a number of benefits.

PTC Training Programs

   Tech Mahindra’s Learning Management System is a subscription based hosted Learning and Training Service with several key features.

Excess Liability Insurance

     McGriff, Seibels & Williams offers an excess liability insurance program geared to providing excess insurance coverage required to satisfy contractual requirements related to PTC equipping and implementation. Available to ASLRRA member railroads, this excess liability insurance facility is not intended to replace any existing insurance coverage a railroad may have and enables a short line to maintain its current insurer/broker relationships.