Company Overview:

Global Train Services LLC (GTS) mission is to advance Positive Train Control (PTC) while leveraging the PTC system to gain operational efficiencies for railroads. GTS was founded by CEO Eileen Reilly in response to the growing need for railroad technology experts throughout the industry. Eileen Reilly, has successfully developed, implemented, and lobbied for advanced rail safety systems for the last three decades, with a focus on PTC for the past 22 years. Our team is dedicated to helping railroads meet the alternate schedule deadline required by the Positive Train Control Enforcement and Implementation Act of 2015. Through our team and network of connections to industry experts, GTS is able to develop, implement, update, and maintain all currently used railroad systems.

GTS is adept at procuring federal funds for clients through grants and manage projects to completion. Our team can provide solutions for compliance, technical writing, testing, software development, project management, training, or general augmentation of our client’s PTC staffs to provide any needed assistance to comply with regulations.

Global Train Services is uncompromising with respect to quality, confidentiality and safety. We focus on developing long-term client relationships through proven execution. We recognize that requirements frequently change throughout the project life cycle, and adapting to change is a core strength of the firm. Our goal is to provide maximum value for your investment.

Product/Service Overview:

Implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC):
  • Monitoring services for PTC compliance and issue identification
  • Resolution of issues identified by the monitoring program.
  • Support all testing: from segment to end-to-end testing, lab integration testing, field integration testing, and field qualification testing, including the request to test, test plans, and reports from testing.
  • Develop PTC operating rules.
  • Develop training plans
  • Integrate the existing railroad management information systems to provide crew consist, train consist, AEI to validate train consist, and train schedule.
  • Troubleshoot PTC system, primarily Interoperable Train Management Computer (I-ETMS®) system of systems to determine the root cause(s) in order to implement PTC successfully to minimize operational impacts. Our related experiences include implementing, troubleshooting and resolving issues for:
  1. Locomotive Segment: Train Management Computer (TMC), Cab Display Unit (CDU), Communications, Interoperable Train Control Messaging (ITCM), installation specifications, and configurations.
  2. Wayside: Integrate the wayside interface units in office and field, communications, wayside messaging server, and signal equipment
  3. Developing tools to manage the SUBDIV (graphical information systems) based on track survey and signal data. 
  4. PTC-ready Office Segment: Back Office Server (BOS), Mobile Device Manager (MDM), ITCM, track line definition, and Configuration
  5. Analyzing log files from all segments of PTC.
  6. Precision GPS to determine location

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Filings:
  • Consultation regarding the 49 Code of Federal Regulation Part 236 Subpart I (mandatory PTC regulations).
  • Develop FRA required request for Revenue Service, PTC Implementation Plan (PTCIP) and PTC Safety Plan (PTCSP) including:
    1. Write the FRA filings.
    2. Defend the filing to the FRA.
    3. Develop monthly tracking reports.
    4. Write configuration management plan required for the PTCSP.
    5. Write the training plan and various sections of the training and job-aids.

Software Development:
  • Develop production-ready tools to transform geographical information system (GIS) survey data into the required format SUBDIV file for use in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Back Office Server (BOS), and Train Management Computer (TMC).
  • Develop production-ready tools for decoding the inbound and outbound messages from the BOS to/from the TMC, based on the Association of American (AAR) PTC Office to Locomotive Segment Interface Control Documents (ICD), for quick troubleshooting while in testing and production, to quickly diagnose PTC issues to keep trains running without delay.
  • Develop a tool to validate all of the disparate databases (DB) that are used in the Wabtec Train Management Dispatch System (TMDS®) and I-ETMS®. Previously, Wabtec’s three separate DBs did not have any method to validate against each other, which is a safety-critical issue solved by this tool.
  • Develop automated tests for regression testing each new release of any and all PTC systems.
  • Develop log analysis tools for the TMC logs.
  • Provide consultation services in the development of system architecture, design, and requirement definitions for complex systems in the railroad industry.

For more information, please contact:
Eileen Reilly, CEO 
(907) 441-9109