Company Overview:

Ayers Electronic Systems, LLC (aE) was founded in February 2008 to develop and provide world class standards-based products and services to the transportation industry. aE applies technology to address issues and solve problems faced by ground transportation industries and agencies. We provide tools and services to facilitate information exchange and management, systems engineering, testing, and training tailored to individual projects.

Our engineers design, develop, integrate, and test complex, distributed, mission critical systems. This background provides us the skills and capabilities needed to help specify your system’s requirements and to verify that those requirements are met in complex integrated systems.

While we are a small business by any measure, we have established a reputation for providing valuable and effective service to our customers including some of the largest players in the rail transportation market. We have served major freight and passenger railroads including CN, CSX, KCS, AMTRAK and others. aE presents a unique range of capabilities and services independent from major suppliers. We are also well known in the supply and regulatory community.

Product/Service Overview:

Ayers Electronics Systems offers a comprehensive range of PTC specific services to the railroad community covering such critical areas of PTC system specification, procurement services, integration, testing, training and documentation. Our staff offers over 90 years of experience in PTC design and implementation. We are not affiliated with any specific manufacturer and provide an objective approach to all issues working toward the best interests of the customer.

PTC Testing Office and On Site:
  • Functional and Performance Testing
  • Lab Testing
  • Field Qualification Testing
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Revenue Service Demonstration

Back Office Design:
  • Design and integration of railroad back office implementations including specification of new systems and integration of PTC with legacy back office systems
  • Implementation and integration of Hosted Back Office systems

PTC Documentation and Training:
  • Development of master test strategies
  • Safety plans
  • Operations and maintenance plans
  • Support plans
  • Comprehensive PTC training programs for management and technical staff

Additional Resources:

 aE General Info       PTC Services

For more information, please contact:
Robert G Ayers, President 
Office: 804 464-1705
Cell: 804 307-5060

Marilyn Fortin, VP of Engineering
Office: 804 464-1705
Cell: 804 787-0534

Louis Sanders, Director of Marketing
Office: 804 464-1705
Cell: 202 309-5694