Company Overview:

Wabtec Corporation is a leading global provider of equipment, systems, digital solutions and value-added services for freight and transit rail. Drawing on nearly four centuries of collective experience across Wabtec, GE Transportation and Faiveley Transport, the company has unmatched digital expertise, technological innovation, and world-class manufacturing and services, enabling the digital-rail-and-transit ecosystems. Wabtec is focused on performance that drives progress, creating transportation solutions that move and improve the world. The freight portfolio features a comprehensive line of locomotives, software applications and a broad selection of mission-critical controls systems, including Positive Train Control (PTC). The transit portfolio provides highly-engineered systems and services to virtually every major rail transit system around the world, supplying an integrated series of components for buses and all train-related market segments that deliver safety, efficiency and passenger comfort. Along with its industry-leading portfolio of products and solutions for the rail and transit industries, Wabtec is a leader in mining, marine and industrial solutions. Wabtec has approximately 27,000 employees in facilities throughout the world. Visit the company’s website at:

Product/Service Overview:

As an on-board geographic database and global positioning system, the Wabtec Interoperable Electronic Train Management System (I-ETMS®) PTC safety-overlay system continuously calculates warning and braking curves based on all relevant train and track information including speed, location, movement authority, speed restrictions, work zones and consist restrictions, providing an additional safety overlay. Intended to help prevent track authority violations, speed limit violations and unauthorized entry into work zones, Wabtec I-ETMS® provides significant enhancements to rail safety.

Wabtec PTC I-ETMS® has four main segments:
  • Locomotive On-board – computer, display screens, GPS units and radio/antennas
  • Wayside – interfaces to existing equipment to provide data about signals, switches and other detection needs, such as broken track
  • Communications – a mixture of RF base stations, Wi-Fi connections and cellular networks
  • Office Systems – software applications that manage information from the railroad signal network, dispatch system and other data systems to integrate items such as movement authorities and restrictions and train makeup

Wabtec provides the on-board and back office components and is available to provide complete system integration and hosting support for I-ETMS implementation.

Implementation and Support Services: Wabtec offers a range of services, allowing short lines to select the options that best suit their specific needs.
  • Help Desk
  • Turnkey On-Board System Supply and installation
  • Communication system configuration
  • On-Board Application Engineering
  • Training for Maintenance and Operating Crews
  • Brake Integration Testing
  • Turnkey Hosting Solution
  • Office Applications (CAS, MDM & KES)
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Tenant Safety Plan Support (PTCSP)
  • Tenant Field Integration Testing

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