Keep Tweeting! It's not too late to join the #RailDay2017 social conversation.

One of our goals for Railroad Day on Capitol Hill is to raise awareness of our great industry and spread the word about the public benefits of freight rail. In addition to meeting with congressional offices and educating Members and staff, we need to get the social conversation going in order to reach an even wider audience.

Twitter is a platform for creating change. In a poll by the Congressional Management Foundation, 70% of congressional offices said that social media makes them more accountable to constituents. 71% of congressional offices said multiple messages by different constituents affiliated with a specific group or cause would have “some” or “a lot” of influence on an undecided lawmaker. A tweet from a constituent can have the same impact as an email, letter, fax or phone call. 

Did you know that last year as part of our social Rail Day efforts, Representatives Jody Hice (GA), Bill Johnson (OH), Earl Blumenauer (OR), Michael Burgess (TX) and Senator Heidi Heitkamp (ND) tweeted about our visits? 

Seven other Representatives re-tweeted our messages and eleven “favorited” our Tweets.

We encourage you to sign up for Twitter and be prepared to join the social conversation during Railroad Day 2017!

How to Create a Twitter Account

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your full name, email (not shown publicly), and a password

  3. Click on Sign up

  4. Create a username (this is also known as a "handle" and it is your identity on Twitter)

  5. Double-check your name, email, password, and username

  6. Click on Create my account

  7. Check your email inbox for confirmation email to complete the sign up

Tips for Optimizing Your Profile

  • Your username is the name your followers use when sending @replies, mentions, and direct messages; it can use part of your name or be creative

  • Hatch your egg! Make sure to add a photo of yourself

  • Add your location, including city and state; Members are more likely to pay attention to their constituents

How to Join the Thunderclap

  1. Go to

  2. Click Support the "RailDay2017" Message  on Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr

  3. You will have the option to customize the given message

  4. Click Add My Support

  5. Give Thunderclap permission to authorize your account (Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr) to send the message on Railroad Day

​What to Tweet on Railroad Day

At the Railroad Day briefing, you will receive a small handout called the #RailDay2017 Social Keycard. You can keep this with you during the day so you can easily refer to the sample messages we have prepared for you to use.

This year, we want to go above and beyond just thanking congressional offices for meeting with us via Twitter; we want to use this opportunity to truly get the word out about the public benefits of freight rail. In addition to the sample tweets you are given, we suggest tagging your Members in tweets that share facts, figures and photos related to the themes of the day. And don’t hesitate to ask congressional offices to tweet out the picture they take of the Railroad Day group and to post their own #RailDay2017 message about the importance of railroads to their state and district.

Make sure you link to ASLRRA with @ASLRRA in your message!

Here are examples of the messages that will be on your keycard:

  • Smart #datadriven #regulation makes it possible for railroads to invest & innovate for the US economy #RailDay2017
  • A simpler & fairer #taxcode would encourage investment, supporting #econdev & #poweringjobs #RailDay2017
  • Heavier trucks = more freight diverted from rail, bad news for roads, drivers & air quality #ModalEquity#RailDay2017
  • #FreightRail has spent BILLIONS on its network since 1980; investing what it takes to connect us all #RailDay2017 
  • Discover how the Short Line Safety Institute = increased #RailSafety 
  • In 2017, #FreightRail plans to spend $22B+ to build, maintain & grow its network #RailDay2017  
  • #FreightRail trains 20K+ #firstresponders annually #RailSafety #RailDay2017  
  • The 45G tax credit has enabled short lines to spend $4B to boost service for their customers. #Pass45G #RailDay2017  
  • #FreightRail has spent $7.9B so far on #positivetraincontrol & is committed to meeting the 2018 goal  
  • DYK #FreightRail uses cutting-edge technologies like #BigData & #drones to enhance #RailSafety? #RailDay2017


Who to Follow

Elected officials: Your state and U.S. representatives and any relevant committees, for example the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
@Transport) - find a list of every House member on Twitter and a list of every Senator.

Railroads: The seven Class I railroads, short line and regional railroads, and railroad industry trade associations:

Having Trouble?

If you have questions, contact Amy Krouse at ASLRRA


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Why is Social Media Important?

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