FRA Roadway Worker Safety Seminar


Seminar Overview

The FRA Roadway Worker Safety Seminar will be held in Reno, NV, July 10-11, 2018 from 9:00 am-5:00 pm. 
Presented by: Joe Riley, Railroad Safety Specialist, Federal Railroad Administration
The cost for this seminar is $359. Lunch will be provided both days.

This session will provide an in depth review of Part 214 Subpart C - Roadway Worker Protection and Subpart D – On-Track Roadway Maintenance Machines and Hi-Rail Vehicles. The recent miscellaneous revisions of Part 214 will be highlighted providing an attendee with the knowledge to evaluate their current program for compliance.  

This presentation is designed to cover the requirements and the application of the 49 CFR Part 214, Subpart C Roadway Worker Protection and Subpart D Roadway Maintenance Machine regulations as applied to short line properties.  The presentation is interactive by nature.  Your presenters include Joe Riley, a 45-year veteran of the industry and Corwyn Foster, an 18-year veteran.  Both Joe and Corwyn have lived the regulation from both the railroad side (Joe as a senior Engineering manager at Chicago Metra and Corwyn as Roadmaster for CSX) as well as from the enforcement side.  Joe, for the past 8 years, has provided over-all guidance and interpretation for both regulations for FRA’s inspector corps and the nation’s railroads and has shepherded both the Adjacent Controlled Track On-Track Safety Rule and the 2017 Revision to RWP Rule through the rule-making process.  This presentation will be helpful to short line engineering and operations managers at all levels – regardless of their experience and knowledge of the RWP and RMM regulations.

Interpretation & Application of the 49 CFR Part 214 Roadway Worker Protection & Roadway Maintenance Machine Regulations for Short Lines


Analysis of RWP fatalities – historical perspective and current trends

Compliance vs. enforcement – role of FRA inspector


Compliance Manual and it’s usage

Subpart A—General

  • 214.1       Purpose and scope
  • 214.3       Application.
  • 214.5      Responsibility for compliance.
  • 214.7      Definitions

Subpart C—Roadway Worker Protection

  • 214.301 Purpose and scope.
  • 214.303 Railroad on-track safety programs, generally.
  • 214.307 On-track safety programs.
  • 214.309 On-track safety manual.
  • 214.311 Responsibility of employers.
  • 214.313 Responsibility of individual roadway workers.
  • 214.315 Supervision and communication.
  • 214.317 On-track safety procedures, generally.
  • 214.318 Locomotive servicing and car shop repair track areas.
  • 214.319 Working limits, generally.
  • 214.320 Roadway maintenance machine movements over signalized non-controlled track.
  • 214.321 Exclusive track occupancy.
  • 214.322 Exclusive track occupancy, electronic display.
  • 214.323 Foul time.
  • 214.325 Train coordination.
  • 214.327 Inaccessible track.
  • 214.329 Train approach warning provided by watchmen/lookouts.
  • 214.335 On-track safety procedures for roadway work groups, general.
  • 214.336 On-track safety procedures for certain roadway work groups and adjacent tracks.
  • 214.337 On-track safety procedures for lone workers.
  • 214.339 Audible warning from trains.
  • 214.341 Roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.343 Training and qualification, general.
  • 214.345 Training for all roadway workers.
  • 214.347 Training and qualification for lone workers.
  • 214.349 Training and qualification of watchmen/lookouts.
  • 214.351 Training and qualification of flagmen.
  • 214.353 Training and qualification of each roadway worker in charge.
  • 214.355 Training and qualification of each roadway worker in on-track safety for operators of roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.357 Training and qualification for operators of roadway maintenance machines equipped with a crane.

RWP 8 Deadly Cardinal Sins

Subpart D—On-Track Roadway Maintenance Machines and Hi-Rail Vehicles

  • 214.501   Purpose and scope.
  • 214.503   Good-faith challenges; procedures for notification and resolution.
  • 214.505   Required environmental control and protection systems for new on-track roadway maintenance machines with enclosed cabs.
  • 214.507   Required safety equipment for new on-track roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.509   Required visual illumination and reflective devices for new on-track roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.511   Required audible warning devices for new on-track roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.513   Retrofitting of existing on-track roadway maintenance machines; general.
  • 214.515   Overhead covers for existing on-track roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.517   Retrofitting of existing on-track roadway maintenance machines manufactured on or after January 1, 1991.
  • 214.518   Safe and secure positions for riders.
  • 214.519   Floors, decks, stairs, and ladders of on-track roadway maintenance machines.
  • 214.521   Flagging equipment for on-track roadway maintenance machines and hi-rail vehicles.
  • 214.523   Hi-rail vehicles.
  • 214.525   Towing with on-track roadway maintenance machines or hi-rail vehicles.
  • 214.527   On-track roadway maintenance machines; inspection for compliance and schedule for repairs.
  • 214.529   In-service failure of primary braking system.
  • 214.531   Schedule of repairs; general.
  • 214.533   Schedule of repairs subject to availability of parts.

Appendix A to Part 214—Schedule of Civil Penalties.

Defect Codes





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