Over-Burdensome Regulations

As a particular, and critical, subset of Railroads, the short line industry is unique in that we are small, entrepreneurial business. More than half of our members have less that eight railroad employees.

As such, Regulations meant for larger entities can be over-burdensome from a staff-time, complexity, and implementation cost perspective.

Our industry experts work on members’ behalf to ensure that the unique challenges of small railroads are appropriately considered in the Regulatory framework.

Currently, work is being done to manage a variety of technology initiatives including Positive Train Control implementation and Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes.

For information on Regulatory matters, contact Jo Strang.

Regulatory Advocacy

One of the advantages of railroad membership is the benefit of the full expertise of ASLRRA’s operations staff. Our knowledgeable staff stays abreast of regulatory changes and challenges, and is available to assist you.

Recognizing that time and resources are a challenge, our expert team provides and updates templates to assist railroad members in complying with industry regulations. Please visit our section on Safety & Compliance Resources, to learn more.

Please direct any questions to JR Gelnar (jrgelnar@aslrra.org, 202-585-3436), or Jo Strang (jstrang@aslrra.org, 202-585-3432).