ASLRRA's Planning Committee has pulled together 35+ outstanding breakout session topics for this year's convention. This section will be updated on a regular basis and speakers will be added as they are confirmed. 

Education Breakout Sessions

Event TrackTitle
Engineering & MOWCWR Programs - What FRA Expects in Your ProgramANL2020ANL2020/T101
Engineering & MOWGeneral Track Welding Procedures and OverviewANL2020ANL2020/T102
Engineering & MOWNext Generation of Bridge ManagementANL2020ANL2020/T103
Engineering & MOWCustomer Onboarding: Joint Session W/ Marketing & Ops/SafetyANL2020ANL2020/T104
Finance & AdministrationIncome and Estate Tax Considerations in Succession PlanningANL2020ANL2020/T201
Finance & AdministrationEconomic and Election UpdateANL2020ANL2020/T202
Finance & AdministrationShort Line Rail M&A Trends: 2019-2020ANL2020ANL2020/T203
Finance & AdministrationFinance Hot TopicsANL2020ANL2020/T204
Human ResourcesTargeting the Right Candidates in a Tough Labor MarketANL2020ANL2020/T301
Human ResourcesManaging Health Risks in the WorkplaceANL2020ANL2020/T302
Human ResourcesMarijuana Use in the WorkplaceANL2020ANL2020/T303
LegalRun, Hide, Fight: Active Shooter EventsANL2020ANL2020/T401
LegalGeneral Counsel PanelANL2020ANL2020/T402
LegalPreemption UpdateANL2020ANL2020/T403
Legislative & RegulatoryLobbying Practices: Lessons Learned in Success & FailureANL2020ANL2020/T501
Legislative & RegulatoryRailroading on Capitol Hill: Precision Scheduled Anything?ANL2020ANL2020/T502
Legislative & RegulatoryShort Line Safety Institute Panel DiscussionANL2020ANL2020/T503
Legislative & RegulatoryFRA Regional Administrators Panel DiscussionANL2020ANL2020/T504
MarketingOpen Top Railcar Loading Rules & Damage PreventionANL2020ANL2020/T601
MarketingTech Tools To Improve Workflow and Enhance Daily PracticesANL2020ANL2020/T602
MarketingPrecision Scheduled RailroadingANL2020ANL2020/T603
MarketingSite Selection and DevelopmentANL2020ANL2020/T604
MarketingCustomer Onboarding: Joint Session W/ Eng/MOW & Ops/SafetyANL2020ANL2020/T605
MechanicalAAR Car Repair Labor and Material Pricing Process ChangesANL2020ANL2020/T701
MechanicalHot Topics in Rail Car Maintenance and RepairANL2020ANL2020/T702
MechanicalHot Topics in Locomotive Maintenance and RepairANL2020ANL2020/T704
Operations & SafetyCertification Implications Concerning Substance AbuseANL2020ANL2020/T801
Operations & SafetyMethodology for Making the Case for TrainingANL2020ANL2020/T802
Operations & SafetyDriving Clean: Impact of FMCSA's CDL D&A ClearinghouseANL2020ANL2020/T803
Operations & SafetyCustomer Onboarding: Joint Session W/ Eng/MOW & MarketingANL2020ANL2020/T804
TechnologyAmazoning Your RailroadANL2020ANL2020/T901
TechnologyPositive Train ControlANL2020ANL2020/T902
TechnologyPerformance Indicators for Railroad OperationsANL2020ANL2020/T904
Young ProfessionalsHow To Make a PitchANL2020ANL2020/T1001
Young ProfessionalsLessons From Leaders, YPC Mentor PanelANL2020ANL2020/T1002
Young ProfessionalsToastmasters or Speed MentoringANL2020ANL2020/T1003