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OSHA Overview
Join Ralph Weber, Safety Culture Assessor for the Short Line Safety Institute, as he presents about the importance of OSHA guidelines and where to look for common errors. Ralph guides us through an overview of OSHA regulations relevant to the rail industry. 

OSHA Guidelines


Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) Review

Join us for a discussion and review of what ENS is and how it works, with our expert, James Dahlem, Office of Railroad Safety, FRA. Our presenter will take us through how ENS works and how it may be able to benefit your railroad.

ENS Review

Year End Review with SLSI Executive Director, Tom Murta

This webinar reviews 2017, details where we are heading in 2018! From our current progress, to  new training and improvements, to our latest benchmarks, our Executive Director, Tom Murta will cover it all. 

Year End Review

A Class I Safety Overview

When: Wednesday, December 20, 2017, 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST
Join the SLSI and Mrs. Becky Hamilton, Director of Safety, CSX Transportation, for a presentation about the safety programs at CSX. The webinar reviews the importance of safety for her company and interchanging partners.

Class I Safety Overview

Chlorine: Chemical/Physical Properties & Emergency Response

This webinar will help you learn all about chlorine's basics, its chemical and physical properties, as well as what to do when there is an emergency situation. Transporting chlorine can be done safely and our speaker from the Chlorine institute will delve into the details you need to know when handling this commodity. 

Transporting Chlorine

High, Wide and Heavy: Moving Your Big Freight Safely

This webinar covers High and Wide Shipments and their innovative aspects, including inspections and safety measures to consider. Mr. Clay Gambill, an experienced railroad and operations presenter, walks through big safety topics for big freight. Mr. Gambill explores limitations, structures, research and the general movement of a High and Wide Shipment. He also reviews regular train operations, speed, location in train, visibility, and other special handling requirements due to extreme dimensions, securement, measurement and inspection. Many short lines play a role in these shipments, which require a lot of effort. Education and communication before, during and after these moves are key to ensuring a safe delivery. 

Moving Big Freight

Hazmat Series: Tank Car Storage

The webinar reviews regulations and common mistakes made with tank car storage. Mr. Ken Holgard, FRA Region 8 Hazmat Specialist, dives into scenarios in which participants decide whether each adheres to tank car regulations. Mr. Holgard provides insight into properly storing tank cars and types of agreements and tracks that are used for these storage areas. 

Tank Car Storage


Ethanol Transportation

This webinar explores of the commodity Ethanol with the experts from the Renewable Fuels Association. This webinar covers an overview of the commodity, the industry trends, and safety resources for emergency response. We will also get a quick review of NARs (non-accidental releases)

Ethanol Transportation

How to Build a Successful Safety Committee

Do you have a safety committee? What are the key components? JR Sampson, Lead Safety Culture Assessor for the SLSI, reviews what a successful safety committee may look like, how it is structured, what components are key to a meeting and how to communicate its work with the company. Creating a safety committee is a crucial first step to getting your railroad on the track to safety. 

Safety Committees

Hazardous Materials & NARs Guidelines for Railcar Inspection

In this webinar, we will take a deeper look at NARs and our main goal on how to manage the safe transportation of hazardous material by rail. We will help viewers infer whether or not hazardous materials rules apply to them and provide information on how to properly adhere to the regulation. Our presenters, Mr. Jeffery Moore and Mr Lawerence Massaro, are FRA Railroad Safety Specialists in Hazardous Materials.
View a PDF of the presentation here.

Hazardous Materials & NARs

Ask the Assessors: Safety and Safety Culture

For anyone who’s ever wanted to ask questions about the Safety Culture Assessment process, this is a perfect opportunity! Join the Short Line Safety Institute’s assessors for a live webinar discussion about the assessment process and have all your questions answered. The SLSI assessors have traveled across the country visiting and assessing short line railroads and they will discuss the most frequently asked questions they receive.  
View the PDF presentation here.

Ask the Assessors

Navigating the SLSI's Website

The Short Line Safety Institute's website is a center for safety materials and education for short line and regional railroads. From learning more about the Safety Culture Assessment process and the foundation of the SLSI's Pillars of a Safety Culture, to education and training materials and webinars, our website has it all. If you're interested in learning what the SLSI website has to offer, or how to sign up for a Safety Culture Assessment, in this webinar we navigate through our website tab to tab, showing you how to access specific materials, including our newest program, Safety Tip Tuesday.

Navigating the SLSI Website Webinar


SLSI's End of Year & New Year Insight

Happy New year! Join the Short Line Safety Institute for this webinar as we reflect on 2016, including our accomplishments, how we improved our safety culture assessment process from the vital pilot phase and laid the groundwork for the institute's future success. We will review our overall aggregate trends, which we have identified from completed Safety Culture Assessments, our assessment totals, our regional conferences. We will share our plans for 2017 and introduce the newest program for the SLSI, Safety Tip Tuesday. Learn how to navigate through our updated website and find us on social media. Let's make it a safe 2017!

New Year Insight Webinar


Drug & Alcohol Rules and Regulations

Join Jerry Powers, Staff Director, Drug & Alcohol Program, Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Railroad Safety, for an informative webinar about Drug and Alcohol rules and regulations. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions of the FRA expert about railroad drug and alcohol requirements, both old and new! 

Drug & Alcohol Rules and Regulations


Hazmat Series Part 7: Hazardous Material Tables and Language

Join the Short Line Safety Institute for an in-depth webinar about hazardous material tables and how to read them. This webinar will introduce attendees to the many aspects of hazardous materials tables and provide an understanding of where to look and how to read these detailed documents, from basic descriptions to special provisions, symbols, and packing groups.

Hazmat Series Part 7 Webinar

Hazmat Series Part 6: Non-Accidental Release (NARs)

Do you know what a “NAR” is and how to prevent it? A Non-Accidental Release or “NARs” is a major topic in the hazardous materials world, and we have an expert from the DOT/FRA Radioactive Materials/Hazardous Materials area to discuss this important topic with attendees. Mr. Lawrence Massaro, an experienced railroad safety specialist, will walk us through what a NARs is, what the common factors are, and delve into pre-trip and shipper compliance issues facing the rail industry today. Mr. Massaro will also detail the procedures and science behind proper manway securement and main areas of inspection that could help reduce NAR incidents.

Hazmat Series Part 6 Webinar

Building a Safety Culture: Safety Action Plan (SAP)

Does your railroad have a Safety Action Plan? What is it, you ask? Don’t worry, we will answer all of your safety action plan questions as part of this webinar. Mike Long, Senior Safety and Operations Manager will host this webinar and walk us through the vital components of an SAP, what it is, why its important, and how to maintain it. Copies of templates you can use to create your own SAP based on SLSI’s presentation will be provided by request. Click here   to access a PDF of the presentation and click below to view the webinar recording.

Building a Safety Culture


Hazmat Series Part 5 - Shipping Papers and Important Documentation

Join the Short Line Safety Institute and Dave Buccolo for this webinar, which will review what shipping papers are, their importance, and a hazmat inspection overview. Shipping papers are a key element to have in any hazmat inspection and knowing more about them, what they should look like, and how to read them are important for anyone who has a hand in the transportation of hazardous materials. Click here   to access a PDF of the presentation.

Hazmat Series Part 5 Webinar

Hazmat Series Part 4 - Nuts and Bolts of Car Inspections
Join the Short Line Safety Institute as we continue our Hazmat webinar series!  SLSI Executive Director Ron Hynes and Safety Program Manager Michele Malski will lead attendees in a deeper dive into the world of car inspections and requirements.  This webinar will provide more in-depth examples of what to look for when performing inspections, particularly when dealing with tank cars.  Presenters will also review basic placarding and placement, and common inspection errors.  Click the button below to view the webinar.

Hazmat Series Part 4 Webinar


Hazmat Series Part 3 - Highly Hazardous Flammable & Key Trains Overview

Join the Short Line Safety Institute as our Hazmat webinar series continues! JR Gelnar, ASLRRA's Vice President of Safety and Compliance, will define and review key trains and their requirements. He will also delve into regulatory requirements and best practices for highly hazardous flammable trains. 

Hazmat Series Part 3 Webinar

Hazmat Series Part 2 - Introduction to Crude Oil Transportation:

Join the Short Line Safety Institute for an introduction to the world of crude oil transportation: tank cars, inspections, and train placement. The ASLRRA’s Vice President of Safety & Compliance, JR Gelnar, will guide this informative presentation with a review of tank car inspection practices, including response plans for suspicious devices.  He will also present an overview of the regulations affecting crude transportation and delve into train placement for dangerous materials.  

Hazmat Series Part 2 Webinar

Hazmat Series Part 1 - Hazardous Material Placards and Federal Requirements:
An introduction to the world of hazmat classifications, requirements and placarding. Topics of discussion include the classifications of each group, highlighting their important properties. Mike Long will further explain the regulations required for hazardous material response and reporting, including placard placement for different types of rail cars. Mr. Long will also explain the importance of displaying the proper placards for the proper commodities and the FRA rules involved with this practice. 

Hazmat Series Part 1 Webinar   


The True Cost of Injuries and Accidents:

Join the Short Line Safety Institute's Mike Long, Senior Operations and Safety Manager, for an in-depth discussion of the financial impact of injuries and fatalities in today’s regulatory environment. Mr. Long will highlight recent events that have influenced regulations. He will also explain the financial effect on a railroad if an injury or fatality occurs, and how a railroad’s safety culture can play a key part in preventing future events. This is a serious and eye-opening presentation that you will not want to miss! 

True Cost of Injuries and Accidents Webinar   

Safety Culture Assessments:

Click the button below to watch and learn what an assessment is, the steps of an assessment from start to finish, and how the assessment process is designed to help identify and define ten essential elements necessary for a strong commitment to safety culture. Designed for the short line and regional railroad audience, participants will gain an understanding of how a safety assessment works and resulting benefits to the railroad.

Safety Culture Assessments Webinar   

Railroad Safety Culture - Past, Present and Future: 

A discussion on safety culture, its meaning, importance, and impact on the railroad industry. DOT’s Mike Coplen talks about the past, present and future of railroad safety culture, while SLSI Executive Director Ron Hynes explains the SLSI’s role in building awareness and educating industry stakeholders. Viewers gain an understanding of how the SLSI intends to achieve its vision of enhancing the safety culture and safety performance of short line and regional railroads through meaningful and productive partnerships.
Railroad Safety Culture Webinar